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PBS/Five Years 30. Emmy Nominee 2017. Winner, Silver Telly 2017.
VELOCITY Motorsports Sizzle.
Ryan Palmer R15/TaylorMade.
PBS/News Sizzle 60. 2016 Emmy Nominee.
SCI/Spies of Los Alamos Sizzle 1:15.
PBS/Drama Sizzle 60. 2016 Emmy Nominee.
AHC/Surrender 60. Bronze winner Promax 2016.
ID/Mind of a Murderer Show Open.
PBS/Drama Sizzle 60/2016.
ABC/The View Music Video feat. Mary J. Blige. 2017 Promax Bronze Award Winner
A&E/Show Open, LA Burning. 2017 Emmy Nominee, Outstanding Documentary
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